Following recent discussions, the two organisations have entered a partnership as they have so much in
common, have the same principles and desires for the game of walking football.
Both organisations fully support the National Governing Body in England (The FA) and its Laws of the Game.
Neither has any aspiration to be a NGB, and neither wishes to dictate to the world of walking football how
things should be done.

WFLA was initially set up by Bill Murney to bring FA Affiliated leagues together as an alliance and to share best
practice, to share ideas and principles to ensure that leagues are fun, fair, consistent, and played to the LOTG
set by The FA.

Bill Murney, Acting General Secretary of the WFLA commented “It’s a natural progression that two
organisations with the same ideals join forces to strengthen the grassroots game of walking football. Both
organisations play to the FA Laws of The Game and recognise that the National Governing Body for all
football, the FA, are now taking this sport for the older generation seriously and support their aims to make it
fully inclusive”.

EWFC’s main focus is to provide men over 50, 60 & 70, and women over 40, 50 & 60 the opportunity to
represent their country via trials in International games home and abroad.
EWFC is professionally set up and run in line with any large club to the guidelines of the FA structure. Centrally
located regular training sessions for all squads run by their experienced FA badged Managers and coaches.
We will share resources and facilities where needed and where possible but most importantly share ideas,
best practice and documentation that will benefit all concerned. This will help with consistency so many
people in walking football repeatedly ask for.

The two organisations will keep each other updated when leagues release their planned fixtures and with this
information EWFC will wherever possible avoid these fixtures in their planning of monthly training sessions
and fixtures.

Tony Norton, Chairman of EWFC said “we fully appreciate that at times over the last couple of years we have
encountered club v country issues, which no one likes or wants and with this sharing of info we hope to avoid
this as much as possible. It will never be perfect with the game’s growths but this will help”.
EWFC will also share this info with managers so they can use WFLA leagues around the country as a focus for
scouting potential new players at all age groups. The EWFC will give priority of trials to any player who plays
for an FA affiliated club, who play in an FA County League which is in WFLA.

EWFC will remain all inclusive and open to any players asking to be invited to trials but will give priority to
players who embrace and support the FA and its FA LOTG.

Each organisation will be represented by a member on each committee.

If any clubs or leagues wish to find out more about WFLA please contact Bill Murney on [email protected] or

If anyone wants more information on The EWFC, how to get involved or to be invited to trials please contact
[email protected] , feel free to visit our website or follow us on Facebook group page
at England Walking Football Community