As we struggle with the world wide virus keep in mind the good times that walking football brings

Some memories already made and all those kind of things

The friends we’ve met and laughed with along the way

Soon enough we will start to play again

Playing for our clubs or representing our country making history a reality

Starting with a warm up is a key to succeed so we don’t pull them muscles that we always need

when we return to play the game we love it will bring us back together

But for now we have to be patient and practice on our own or in our bubble in all kinds of weather

kicking it against the wall ive starting calling my ball ‘wilson’

I think my problem is I have been watching to much television

Anyway I still put on my walking football shirt as the passion hasn’t gone

As I still need to practice my technique as I still have none

We’ve got to have hope the vaccines on its way we will be free again to play the game we love and all the joys it brings

Shaking hands with one another and loving the camaraderie, passing out the ball to feet whilst loosing a few pounds as we ate to many sweets

Scoring goals and winning games , that feeling is quite unique

But don’t forgot to be humble when we loose that winning streak

Remember what lockdown taught us be patient and be kind, be respectful of one another as we go through this journey called life

It will make us stronger than before as an individual and a nation

For now, make way, make space and don’t forget to wash your hands and face

Stay safe!

Little joy ?⚽️❤️