Overview and Part of Our Mission

Following the recent restructure of the England Walking Football Community (EWFC) one of Our Key Objectives is to create a structured fair regional selection process, open to all players who support, share and consistently contribute to a positive Team Environment the opportunity to go forward and play for the National Team.

With the appointments of several strong NEW Managers, Assistants and Coaches with proven team management experience, qualifications, excellent communication skills that can unite and build empowered teams, we will [ subject to Covid restrictions being lifted and when we can ensure everyone’s safety] be in a position to offer places for Male players on our next set of Regional Trials planned for the latter part of 2021 in all age categories.

Our plan is to hold trials both in the North and South in the latter part of 2021 [ Dates and venues are to be confirmed.]

Would you like the opportunity to be invited to a trial when it’s safe to be arranged? 

Then send us an email to register your interest to  [email protected] with the heading Trials

Please Include in the email your:

  • Full Name and Date of Birth.
  • Preferred Contact Phone Number
  • Home Postcode
  • State which Category you wish to trial in [ Men’s over – 50’s, 60’s or 70’s, ]
  • Home Walking Football Club
  • Strongest playing position
  • Do you currently participate in any organised leagues, tournaments or festivals?

We will contact everyone as soon as the dates and venues have been confirmed.

Please Note we will need to charge a small individual fee at the trials to cover the cost of the venue and referee’s.