EWFC Mascots  , its about more than just dressing up

Thank you to all our Mascots in 2021

It was an amazing experience when I first lined up for England to sing our National Anthem, but to have all my grandchildren standing in the same line-up singing with me and my England colleagues was incredible. I was so pleased that the EWFC, but in particular Tony Norton, made this possible. It will be something that myself and family will treasure for the rest of our lives, including our 10 month old granddaughter, Ciara. She was good throughout and knew exactly what was going on!!

I don’t think their presence made me play any better, but it certainly gave an edge to my game.

They were thrilled and delighted to see me play but also to be involved with the preliminaries, wearing England strips and singing the National Anthem with their Grandad. Not many children can say that, eh?

What my Grandchildren said:

Harry aged 12 said, “Grandad often comes to see me play football and it was nice to be able to watch him, especially as England won 4 – 0!”

Molly aged 11 said, “I was very proud because I got to watch my Grandad play. He played very well!! Also, I got to be a mascot and sing the National Anthem with all the players on the pitch!”

Orla aged 8 said,” I loved watching Grandad play and being a mascot for the game, as we got to warm up on the pitch with the players and sing the National Anthem. I am a striker and I got to meet the Over 70s Captain, Trevor Dale, who is also a striker. I saw him score a good goal and had my photo taken with him… yes!!”

Joe aged 8 said, “I was proud to see my Grandad play for England in the week that I started playing in Harrogate Towns’ PDC. On the day before the game, we were practicing singing the National Anthem on the Tube coming from London to Harrow, but it was great singing it with the players on the pitch.”

They all asked me to thank the EWFC for the opportunity to be involved on the day – a totally wonderful experience for them!

I must say my involvement with the England squad has had a positive impact on my health, both physically and mentally; the friendship and banter throughout our 70s squad as well as the overall sense of togetherness generated by the EWFC across the various age groups, as well as the Ladies’ Section, makes us all look forward to our monthly training sessions.  It certainly has helped me overcome the loss of my dear wife Sheila through ovarian cancer. She was a brave Kerry lady, who unselfishly, encouraged me to continue with my England trials even during her darkest days. It was poignant that she left us on St. Patrick’s Day (17th March 2020).

Thank you very much for providing us these opportunities EWFC.

Lawrie Coulthard,

70s Squad