Today is the start of a new era for the England Walking Football Community as its first day under a new Council led structure and will operate as a totally Independent Organisation.

The EWFC “Council” has been established to take all England Walking Football Teams to the next level.

Our mission is:

“To be a motivational, professional and inclusive organisation providing advice and guidance to all England Managers and Players, giving a diversity of players the opportunity to represent their Country and wear the England shirt at Internationals both, home and abroad”.

The Council has been made up from some of the most experienced people from across the Country involved in the sport of Walking Football.

Chairman:  Tony Norton – Wiltshire

Vice Chairman:  Alan Rose – North Yorkshire

Treasurer:  Chris Christian – Wiltshire

Commercial:  Ian Henry – Midlands

Secretary:  Shared Responsibility

We are very pleased to announce that as we enter this new era we take this opportunity to introduce our new Partners who we have on board from day one.


EWFC – The Independent Organisation